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As we know that Consumer is King and consumer plays an important role in the economic development of any country. If you talking about marketplace then without consumers or customers no marketplace exists. If you are running an online or offline business then it is very important that you have customers and consumers as well. There are many consumers companies who always care about customer and consumers but few of them or fake companies always want to earn a lot from the pocket of consumers. So, they make fool to their customers, misleading them by making a false and fake advertisement and most of the fake and misleading services become the reason for consumer complaints.

If you have consumer complaint against any company or the seller, then you need to choose an online consumer complaint forum or go to consumer court to file a case against them to resolve your complaint. You have more option to file a complaint at Voxya consumer complaint forum to resolve your complaints quickly with an optimal solution. It helps consumers to get a replacement, refund and return as soon as possible. But consumer awareness is very important and by this awareness, the consumer can protect themselves from consumer fraud and online fraud. Every consumer or customer must need to know the following things before purchase good and services.

1. Product Quantity: You just need to check the quantity of product before purchasing any goods or product. Most of the time printed quantity is not matched with the package and it is not a good business trade practice. You just need to confirm that printed quantity is matched with the exact quantity or not. If you are paying for 5 KG of goods but getting 4.5 KG then it is not good for you.

Voxya consumer complaint forum
2. Product Quality: You need to check the quality of the product and ask for warranty and guarantee of the product before purchase goods or product. Most of the time companies make fools and selling a low-quality product on the similar price of the high-quality product.

3. Expiry Date: You just need to know the expiry date of any product before purchasing the goods or products. If you are using the expired product then it will harm your health and wealth as well.

4. Brand: You always need to choose the branded product in your use because branded products are considered as safe and secure for customers.

5. Product Cost: Most of the time companies charging extra from the exact price of product and goods. So, You just need to check the M.R.P of the product before purchase your goods, you always need to pay below and an equal amount to the seller or company for that product. If the company or seller is taking more than M.R.P then it is not good business trade practice.

If you are frustrated with customer pathetic services or looking for a replacement, refund and return from the company or the seller, or become a victim of consumer fraud or online fraud then File a Complaint at Voxya consumer complaint forum to resolve your complaints.

How Voxya Consumer Complaint Forum Resolve Complaints?

Using the following steps voxya resolving consumer complaints which are given as below:

1. Start Social Media campaign for maximum impact of complaint.
2. It sends an email to the company to resolve complaint amicably.
3. It will draft and send a legal notice to the company.
4. It helps consumers to prepare all documents and evidence to submit consumer case in consumer court.

It works for consumer complaint resolution and consumer protection across India.

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