Top 10 Most Followed Punjabi Celebrities On Social Media

Check these Most Followed Punjabi Celebrities On Social Media

Most of the celebrities like stay with their fans on social media like Twitter and many others. It gives a slice on regular activities as well as takes on contemporary events. Of course, even the controversies have taken birth and death on pages. There are lots of interactivity will be done by the research and identified the popular Punjabi celebs.

  1. Daljit Dosanjh:

Daljit Dosanjh

Daljit Dosanjh is the stellar performance of Bollywood in Udta Punjab (2016). The Punjab star clearly is not most  Bollywood actors. For instance, the soft-spoken actor-singer refuses to call himself of any kind of reason along with 9.5 million followers and still counting of Daljit Dosanjh.

Diljit’s overpowering on social media is one of the highest figures we have in social media. The singer-actor keeps in touch with the world his incredible humor and witty posts and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Parmish Verma:

Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma is a famous singer in Punjabi. He was born in 3rd July in Patiala.  Suddenly he has come back to acting in the career. However, he started his acting career in 2011 as well as Punjabi movie Punjab Bolda.

He is launched the production house name is Parmish Verma Films though directed Punjabi music videos of famous Punjabi singers. You can read more interesting facts & biography of parmish verma here and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Hardy Sandhu:

Hardy Sandhu

Hardy Sandhu is mainly worked on Punjabi Music and Film Industry. he was debut singing with Tequilla Shoot (2012) and his Punjabi Film Song Debut Yaaran Da Katchup (2014).

He was worked in Discography and Movie Songs. Hardy Sandhu award winng film is six songs for Soch and Yaaran Da Katchup” and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Gippy Grewal

Gippy Grewal

Most of the actors like drama and some musical interest.  It is available for blowing things up and action films of complete happy cracking audiences up. one actor- turned- producer-director in Punjabi cinema.

Gippy Grewal can take any role and play of fixed time. we love and share the updates about fun-filled activities as well as regular work schedule, and upcoming projects and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Jassie Gill:

Jassie Gill

The wonderful masculine voice and rustic charm of with the cosmopolitan character as well as we have Jassie Gill many fans of across the world. TheVersatile Punjabi singer is astronomical.

Jassie Gill is followed right from his YouTube views to social media followers and different continents of the world and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja is an excellent singer a prefers the modern nightingale of Punjabi Music needs, Miss pooja enjoys the popular tremendous about her fans and Punjabi music lovers across the world.

She is only on Punjabi singer as well as songs with 70 different male singers and recorded more than 3600 songs and released 300 music albums and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Amrinder Gill:

Amrinder Gill

Amrinder gill is most popular singer turned actor made on debut that appearance through recording the Kala Doria for Jalandhar Doordarshan in the year 2000. he is limelight album of Paigam as the breakthrough in his career.

Moreover,  Amrinder Gill almost makes you forget the top star of the Punjabi industry. Amrinder is the most talented singer has the unique charm of captivated Punjabis across the world and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann

Sharry Mann is famous for a worldwide hit in 2010. YaarAnmulle’ is more hit of the film industry.  Mann’s popularity has only boomerang hit northward. he has released his new song Shaadi Dot Com.

  1. Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa is one of the popular stars of Punjabi music and renowned the songs like just di akal, javemundeya, yaari Chandigarh waliye and etc.

Recently, he is also released movie Sarvann and his performance is being appreciated by the audiences for best performance and among the top Punjabi celebrities.

  1. Jazzy B

Jazzy B

Jazzy B was Legendarybhangra musician. we can the huge fan of following worldwide is a name includes makes the music lovers groove on his tunes. he is the iconic singer dubbed as “Bhangra King”.

His voice is very unique and deep voice with a rustic Punjabi accent that listeners through a journey of Punjab and among the top Punjabi celebrities


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