Swadeshi Samridhi Card

Swadeshi Samridhi Card, Things to Know Before You Apply Online

Baba Ramdev is back again with another Swadeshi product the “Swadeshi Samridhi Card

Recently about 2 months baRamdev’s Patanjali tie-up with BSNL to launch Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards and now Swadeshi Samridhi Card.

There are few things you need to know before you go for the Swadeshi Samridhi Card.

To register for the Swadeshi Samridhi Card Visit here.

Features of Swadeshi Samridhi Card:

  • If you use Swadeshi Samridhi Card at any store to buy the Patanjali product you will get up to 10% discount.
  • If you are a Swadeshi Samridhi Card and met with any kind of Permanent Disability. Then you will be provided with  2.5 lakh rupees assistance.
  • All the Swadeshi Samridhi Cardholder will get up to 5 lakh assistance in case of any Accidental death.
  • All the Details you can check online just login online with the id.

Swadeshi Samridhi Card

How to avail the Swadeshi Samridhi Card/Procedure to avail Swadeshi Samridhi Card:

To avail the Swadeshi Samridhi Card you need to visit the online website and register/Login with all the detail.

All the people can apply for the Swadeshi Samridhi Card membership as it is open to all the people.

All the people registering for the card need to pay a one time charge of Rs:100.

After registration, the person will get the Unique number through the message or mail.

The person needs to visit the nearby Patanjali store, Arogya Kendra or Patanjali chikitsalay to activate the card and then he can use it only for the Patanjali products.

The first top-up should be minimum of 500Rs to any higher amount for all the cardholders.

And the daily limit will be Rs:9,999  for the cardholders.

The card can be recharged like any other card through online means or by Patanjali store, Arogya Kendra orPatanjalii chikitsalay.

So with so many benefits it worth taking Swadeshi Samridhi Card but few things we need to know before we apply for the Swadeshi Samridhi Card.

Remember before you take Swadeshi Samridhi Card:

The Swadeshi Samridhi Card can only be used to buy Patanjali products at Patanjali store, Arogya Kendra or Patanjali chikitsalay and few other stores you can check at www.patanjaliayurved.org website.

Patanjali can anytime add or remove the exclusive stores from their list without intimating the cardholders.

The amount of card can only be used for buying the products from the Patanjali store and no other stores.


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