You Overate At Diwali Parties. Don’t Stress, Do These 7 Things

Stop fretting about those extra kilos and stop hating the poor ladoos! Just follow these steps and you will achieve success (eventually)

The festive month flew by. You ate and danced and partied to your heart’s content. And now you are scared of standing on that weighing scale. Am I right or am I right?, extra kilos.

There is no point of blaming it on those ladoos you had or that delicious daal you took an extra helping of. Stop fretting about those extra kilos, because we are going to help you reverse all that festive season weight gain.

1. Don’t beat yourself up

You ate and gained some extra kilos. It happens with everybody, right? Yes, it does. But don’t make that a forever excuse. Accept that you have gained and now it’s time to move your butt and kill those extra calories. Take charge of your situation and make amends now. Stop sitting on those extra kilos.

2. Set realistic goals

If you ate for a month, it’s not possible to lose all that weight in a week. Don’t overexert yourself at the gym. Don’t make goals that are unachievable. Chances are that you will hardly get any results. Try setting weekly goals that you can actually achieve. If you can’t run or hit the gym, start by walking for 15-20 mins each day. Start small, and work from there.


It’s easy to eat junk when you are hungry. You tend to put anything and everything in your mouth. Don’t do that. Try planning your meals and carry them with you if you are out. Also, plan your day and keep time aside for some physical activity (whichever you prefer). Start with 15 mins each day and then gradually increase your time devoted.

4. Don’t starve

Don’t ever starve yourself. It would result in you binge eating later. Try eating 3 proper meals in a day and choose vegetables and fruits to curb your cravings. You could also eat nuts like almonds since they are healthy and they help keep you full for longer.

5. Get rid of the leftovers

You are never going to lose that weight if you are surrounded by those mithai boxes. Give away all the festive food. Empty out your kitchen, especially your fridge.

6. Drink Water

Replace that glass of soda with a glass of water. It’s time to change things up a bit. Most of the times, when you feel hungry, it’s actually your body craving some water. Try having a glass before you sit down for a meal. It will help you avoid overeating.

7. Be patient

It is not going be an overnight miracle. Losing weight is a slow process. Every individual’s body is different and so is their metabolism. Give yourself time to show results and keep at it. Don’t stop exercising or planning your meals if you don’t see instant results. It’s a long-term process. Keep doing it.



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