Reliance Jio to start deliveries of Jio Phone during Navratri

Reliance Jio Delivery Started

Around six million units of Reliance Jio ‘effectively free’ 4G handset, the Jio Phone, were booked within three days of its pre-booking that started on 24 August, says a channel partner of Reliance Retail.

The delivery of the Jio Phone is being planned to start during the Navratri festival beginning 21 September, the partner said.

“The pre-booking of Reliance Jio Phone was put on hold after six million units were booked within first three days. We have been told by the company that the deliveries of JioPhone will start during Navratri,” the channel partner, who asked not to be named, told PTI.

E-mails sent to Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail did not elicit any response. Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani, in his previous annual general meeting speech, had said the company plans to sell five million Jio Phones every week.

The pre-booking of Jio Phones started on 24 August against payment of a refundable deposit of Rs500 and the remainder Rs1,000 has to be paid by the customer when the company starts delivering them in September.

Ambani had announced that the total amount will be refunded after 36 months when the customer returns the phone. According to the industry source, nearly 10 million people have shown interest in Jio Phone. According to CyberMedia Research, a total of 61.8 million mobiles were shipped in the second quarter of 2017. With six million units of sale, Jio Phone is estimated to account for around 10% of India’s total mobile phone market in a quarter.

Ambani had announced that voice calling for customers of Jio Phone would always be free and they would get unlimited data for a month against a payment of Rs153. Jio Phone, which can be operated by speaking out instructions to dial, type messages and the like, will come with pre-loaded Jio apps for messaging and entertainment.

The phone can be connected with television sets for watching live TV, using the Jio TV app. The phone will also include some of the popular instant messaging and social networking apps.


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