Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Sloppy Rather Than Stylish

If you are someone who is conscious about their dressing and want to pull off every look perfectly, you are in the right place. Whether it is a job interview, a presentation, a dinner date, or a family dinner, you need to be mindful of certain common outfit mistakes. Make sure you look chic and sleek in whatever you wear. The key is to carry is well and look sharp. Just make sure that you pay attention to the tiny details and make a great impression. Because it is always in the little details and not in the dramatic huge changes that make the difference. If you have a subscription to one of the Cox Internet Speed Testand you have a taste for dressing, you probably already know about the big blunders in dressing up. Let us highlight the tiny, missed out details, which can totally affect your overall look. Keep an eye on these things and you can rock any look!

Read on to find some common outfit mistakes.

White has to be White

You need to be a little more diligent with your laundry. Sort the clothes by color. And when you are washing white clothes, wash ONLY white clothes in their own load. You don’t want to make them dingy grey, off-white, or dirty-looking. For extra care, don’t wash your white sheets and towels with regular clothes. Towels usually give off lint that may stick to the fabrics like velvet, corduroy, and so on. Make sure you try some handy hacks to eliminate the pale sweat marks from the underarms. If you don’t, they will ruin the whole look.

Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Sloppy Rather Than Stylish

Hair-tie Bracelets

Having the hair accessories stuck to your wrist can make you look very casual. Especially if you are wearing something formal and dressed up for a special occasion. Make sure you get rid of any hair-tie accessories before you step out. Instead, stash some in your handbag if you really need them.

Chipped Nail Paint

One of the most turning off thing that a woman can wear is ‘some’ nail color. Either wear it or don’t. When your manicure begins to peel off a little, sit down and either fill it up or take it off completely. No one likes the view of chipped nail polish with a nice evening gown. Or, even a casual outfit for that matter.

Dragging Pants  

There are times when you really don’t have the budget or time to hem your pants before you had to wear it. But, we would suggest making time to get them re-hemmed and get alteration options from a tailor. Because dragging pants look really bad. Another quicker hack is to wear it with the tallest pair of heels in your wardrobe.

Discolored Clothes

Faded is always in fashion. But, not discolored! There is a difference between discolored and faded. Don’t wear discolored black pants and call it faded. Or, don’t make an outfit look bad by pairing it with a discolored black or blue jacket. Try washing your clothes inside out. This way they will take longer to discolor. Whenever you are heading out, and you are suspecting a faded piece of clothing, take a look in the mirror and replace it.

Multiple Bags

When you are going to work, you shouldn’t be looking like you are going on a week’s trip. Don’t carry too many bags. It will ruin the whole look. Take your time to find a nice, structured bag to fit all the essentials. If you want to tote the laptop bag to work, find a bag to accommodate it. Make sure your makeup bag and wallet are accommodated in your handbag. Don’t carry all the bags separately or you will look funny.

Prodding at the Outfit

Every woman knows her wardrobe. If you know that it’s going to be a long day, don’t wear a dress that you need to fix every now and then. You don’t want to tuck in your short shirt 50 times in a 5-hour event. OT to pull and prod at your outfit repeatedly. Either go to a tailor to fix the problem or wear something easier to carry. You don’t want to look like a fidgeting person that keeps pulling their outfit.

Shoes that Don’t Fit

Yes, you are in love with a pair of shoes at a store! You have been looking for this style for months and now you have it right in front of your eyes. The only problem is that it is not available in your size. you pick one size bigger but they fit poorly. DON’T buy it! Take our advice on that one. No matter how beautiful the shoes are, they will ruin your overall look and make you look sloppy. After all, don’t want to have a disheveled look! I was watching one of the shows with my Xfinity Basic Cable and the protagonist was wearing ill-fitted shoes. Honestly, they ruined her whole look.

Dress well!

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