How to stop hair fall and tips to control with natural home remedies

Hair fall is a major problem from which many people are suffering from. It is a disease in itself which is mostly found in the majority of the people out there. Let’s first see what the various symptoms of hair fall are. That means why people suffer from hair falls.

See there are various factors attached to this. To name a few of them:
  • Deficiency of proper Nutrition: Yes you heard it right. It is one of the factors that are responsible for the hair loss. Specifically, the various nutrients like zinc, iron play a vital role in the making of hair and their maintenance. Thus it becomes a need to take of these ingredients in the daily diet along with Vitamin D which is directly found in the Sun rays.
  • Stress: It is another factor severely affecting the growth of hair. A person under extreme stress is more likely to have fall of hair. Stress can be minimized by doing exercise on a daily basis. So a regular practice would suffice in this case.
  • Ageing: Being one of the major aspects why people suffer from hair fall, ageing is something which one cannot deny. It is a quite known fact that with ageing the rate at which growth of hair becomes slow. In fact the hair strand gets thinner and smaller.
  • Genetics: Genetics too affect our hair severely. It is the common cause of hair fall and here the conditions of hair are genetically inherited from parents. So next time, make sure that you if you have hair fall which is affecting your overall look, then you may have acquired it either from your mother or from your father.
  • Hair care products: Last but not least, it also affect the condition and healthof our hair. Several toxic products in the market damage the texture of the hair and ultimately make the hair thin and weak. Thus there is a strong need to take care of the products you choose. So one must use a natural hair color like spott color to avoid this.


So these are some of the factors which severely affect the conditioning of hair and their texture. It becomes a necessity to take some necessary steps that will help you out to deal with this problem. Here some of the tips that help in controlling hair fall:

  • Applying oil: Using good oil certainly make one’s hair look healthy and strong. Oiling should be in the weekly routine in order to provide hair with the necessary nutrition which they need. After 2 hours of oiling wash it off with a good shampoo. Oil must be natural like spot color.
  • Use of natural products: The colors or masks which one should use must be natural and free from toxic ingredients. Natural hair color is required for coloring the hair in order to avoid complications.
  • Exercise and nutrition: A well-balanced diet and regular exercise is what it takes to make the hair strong in order to prevent hair fall. Daily diet must include vitamins and minerals so that hair can become strong and healthy.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner: A good shampoo equipped with a natural conditioner just like the natural hair color can work wonder in case of preventing the hair fall. But the key point here is that the conditioner must be natural and organic.

So these are some of the tips which if implemented in day to day life can do miracles and can prevent the fall of hair up to a large extent. So take care of these tips and become happy in the long with shining and attractive hair.

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