Modern best bitcoin mining hardware

Modern best bitcoin mining hardware:

Cryptocurrency is one of the most famous topics that people talk in 2018. Most of the guys do airdrops and cryptocurrency bounties to earn some free coins. In these days, 1BTC= 7,635USD and people do not care about bitcoin very much. But most of the cryptocurrency experts predict, this price will hit over $50,000 within five years. You also can make your own bitcoin using one of the best bitcoin mining hardware.

Introduction to modern bitcoin mining hardware

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When looking into the history of bitcoin miners, there were four technological steps. They are miners using CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and ASIC.

FPGA are some reprogrammable chips made with silicon. Using some prebuilt logic blocks and programmable routing resources, the designer can configure these chips to implement custom functionalities without pickup up a breadboard or soldering iron.

When it comes to the latest technology in these days, most popular and profitable miners use ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) technology. Let see some interesting facts about ASIC. It is a chip which designed for a particular app. As an example, it can be a chip for a toy doll that talks.

These are some advantages of using ASIC technology in mining hardware

  • ASIC provides better total functionality and performance than other discrete solution.
  • It offers a remarkable improvement of overall product economy.
  • The bitcoin mining hardware will automatically be very well protected against copying.
  • The weight and the volume of the Miner can reduce in a considerable amount.

Using ASIC technology can be divided into two main parts. First one is semi-custom and the second one is full custom. Most of the best bitcoin mining hardware is made with semi-custom programmable methods.

Why is ASIC the best technology for bitcoin miners?

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This is a viral question among cryptocurrency nerds. With the beginning of ASIC, most of the famous companies started their own bitcoin farms to generate a significant profit. They found that it is more profitable and speed than using regular FPGAs miners.

Mining Difficulty – Most significant thing in ASIC is we can see an easiness of the mining difficulty. The main reason is it is more speed than old technologies. But it gets heat due to the performance is made.

Efficiency – Normally efficiency of a bitcoin mining hardware is calculated using the power which consumes and the output that it gives. When compared to the energy that consumes it provides a large profit. In the Antminer S9, the miner consumes only 1,372 W and gives 14 TH/s hash power.

Reduce Weight, volume, and heat – When using CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs technologies the main problem that people got was the space required by the mining machine. It was challenging to mine in the bedroom or in a garage. It needed a separate room with a good flow of air. If there is no good airflow most of the old miners get heat and stop working or catch fire due to overheating.

Using ASIC, helps you to reduce all the volume, weight, and the heat produced by the mining machine. It also needs a good airflow for cooling down. It helped the miners to use reduce the size to a size of a UPS.


When talking about modern technology, bitcoin mining hardware also has a right place like robotics. Not only bitcoin miners, but there is also some mining hardware for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Dash coins. If you are a guy who likes to purchase a best bitcoin mining hardware, I recommend you to read an excellent buying guide from a product review website like Products Explainer.

In this review, I explained about ASIC technology that used in modern bitcoin miners. If you have any opinion or question, please comment. Don’t forget to share this content with your loved ones.

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