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Amway is an American company was founded in the year 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos, Specialized in use of multi-level marketing to sell products related to the home care, body, and health for the customers.

Amway has launched a number of products in Homecare, health, and body among which is the latest product from the Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier and Car Air Purifier.

Amway Car Air Purifier
Amway Car Air Purifier

Amway Car Air Purifier:

This new product from Amway will make your every drive better and refreshing with the fresh, clean and safe air within your car.

Features of Amway Car Air Purifier:

  • 3-way filtration process with the help of Pre-Filter, Particulate Filter, and Carbon Filter to make air clean within the car.
  • It helps to reduce 99% of harmful particles (PM2.5) from air within your vehicle.
  • It has the Sensor technology allowing for the Auto-mode operation while you are driving the vehicle.
  • The Device has Adjustable Fan Speed – Low, High and Auto Noise Level – Not exceeding 55dBa Radio-frequency identification (RFID) – Indicates when to replace the filter and counterfeit prevention.
  • It contains the Particle sensor indicator – Real-time air quality monitoring

Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier:

This new product from Amway was designed with the 3 stage filtration system to provide world-class performance and removes more than 99.9% of the airborne particles from the air making it clean air for both your office and home use.

Amway Air Purifier
Amway Air Purifier

Amway Atmosphere Air PurifierThree stage filtration process:

  1. The Washable prefilter stage captures the large, airborne fibrous contamination from the air around.
  2. Replaceable HEPA: while air passing through this stage removes the 99.99% of airborne contaminants from the surrounding air.
  3. Replaceable Carbon Filter: When the air passes through this it reduces household odor and making it the air smell good and fresh.

If still in doubt about the product check few features of the Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier:

  • Compared to other air filtration devices it removes 99.99% of the air contamination.
  • This device removes almost 97 different types of contaminant particles including bacteria, viruses, irritants, allergens and more when compared to the other air filtration device.
  • Amway Atmosphere Air Purifier can also remove the particles of even 0.009 microns size.
  • The energy consumption of the device is as low as 4.6 watts making it cost around RM0.024 per day.

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