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10 Simple Ways to Get Lots of Post Ideas for Your Blog

  1. Check out the Competition:

Visit some of the more popular blogs in your niche and make a note of what they are covering in the last month or so. You will surely get some good blog post ideas by doing this. However, don’t blatantly copy posts from other blogs by just changing the words. Make sure to give your own opinions on a topic or add valuable information. You can also link to a post from a different blog, disagree with it and write a rebuttal.

  1. Make Use of the AdWords Keywords Tool:

Google AdWords is mostly used for managing ad campaigns. But you can also use the Google AdWords keywords tool to know what people are searching for. You can then write about those topics that people are searching the most. This will also help to increase your rank in the search engines and attract more visitors. For example, if you blog about Android, you will know by searching for Android software on the AdWords Keywords tool that topics such as ‘free android apps’ and ‘android SDK’ will interest your readers the most.

  1. Use your Comments on other Blogs:

Keep a note of all meaningful comments you leave on other blogs and save them in one place. Not only will your comments give you some post ideas, you can also use them in the body of your posts which will make your task of writing easier.

  1. Use Twitter:

On Twitter, search for the hashtags related to your niche to know what are the latest issues and problems faced by the people interested in your niche. Write about the issues and problems that are the most talked-about or those that have not been covered in detail before.

  1. Use other Comments/Reviews on your Blog:

If you are short of ideas, read the comments you have been receiving on your blog, especially in the recent weeks. Answer the questions you come across in new blog posts. Moreover, check out which of your posts have received the most comments and write more about the topics covered in those posts.

  1. Write Down your Ideas:

Make sure to write down any good post ideas that come to you so that you don’t forget them. As inspiration can strike any time, keep a pen and notebook with you all the time. Or you can write the ideas on your cell phone or tablet as well using apps such as Evernote.

  1. Brainstorm:

Set aside 15 minutes every Sunday to think about what you are going to write about in the next week and write all the ideas that come to you. By doing this, you will hopefully come up with great post ideas. Also, when you know what you will be blogging about you start to construct the posts subconsciously, enabling you to finish your blog post quickly when you actually write them down.

  1. Recycle old content:

Go through your old posts. Are there any new developments that have occurred regarding some of the issues that you discussed? If yes, then link to your old post and write about them. Did some of your outstanding posts did not get the attention they deserved because you had a limited following? If this is the case, publish those posts again maybe after making a few changes.

  1. Ask your Followers:

Ask your readers what they would like you to write about and most of the times they will come up with ideas that you have not covered before. Should you also use your blog’s social media presence do the same? For example, you can ask your Twitter followers and fans of your Facebook page about what their most pressing problem is and try to solve that problem in a new blog post.

  10.Take a Break:

Sometimes the best option is just to take a break from blogging. Take a walk, watch your favorite Sport or hang out with friends. This will help rejuvenate and refresh you. And if you get any great post ideas on your break, make sure to write them all down for a good blog post. To Know More about SEO and Blogging or any other Module related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Marketing Course in Delhi and Get Trained by the Best Digital Marketers that Our Country has to Offer.

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