9 Features Your Real Estate Mobile App Must Have

The world we reside in is digital and so, is the process to buy, sell or rent a property. Buyers nowadays do not call their friends and families, screen out newspapers, or rush to a real estate agent to invest in a property. They simply pick their smartphone and find the right property with a few clicks and taps – right from the warmth of their home and offices.

This is the impact of mobile applications on the Real Estate industry.

Mobile applications like Zillow, Redfin, HomeSnap, and Trulia have disrupted the Real Estate ecosystem like nothing. These applications have offered a wealth of opportunities, unique user experience, streamlined buying/selling process, real-time communication, ease of payment, and much more to the audience.

An outcome of this transformation is that there are currently millions of mobile apps for Real Estate in the mobile market, with the prediction of a steep rise in the numbers in the coming years.

9 Features Your Real Estate Mobile App Must Have

Considering this, if you are planning to plunge the opportunity and build the next Zillow app, here are some of the features you must consider during Real Estate app development:-

  • Login Process

While surfing on the platform should be free to all, the login process must be introduced in your app. This will help you to gain the required information about your clients and use it for delivering personalized offers/services.

Now, when it comes to introducing login option, it is profitable to provide three different options to the users, namely:-

  • Email Login
  • Phone Number Login
  • Login via Social Media

This option will increase is the chances of getting people registered on your platform and thus, do your business.

  • Profile Management

With this feature, brokers, property dealers, sellers, and users will be able to share the right amount of personal details and streamline the process of buying/selling a property. So, don’t forget to include it in your Real estate app development features list.

  • List View and Map View

Since listing is the prime functionality of Real estate mobile application, introducing the feature of the list view and map view is also essential. With this feature, you can let the app users look into what all properties are available to buy in two different forms – either list view where all the properties are listed in a particular fashion or map view where all the properties are shown as per their location – implying you can easily find which properties are available to the nearest location or the location you want to invest in.

  • Search and Filters

Considering property listing can go endless, offering the feature of search and filters is also necessary. This feature will enable users to search for a property at a particular location or based on other factors, like property type, area, size, price, the age of a property, parking facility, etc. in no time, which implies faster processing and higher user experience.

  • Image Gallery

Another feature to consider while developing a mobile app for Real estate is gallery. When you add an image gallery showing pictures of all the properties, the users get an escape from the effort of visualizing each property. This accelerates the process of selling/buying property, build trust as well as boost app retention rate.

  • Favorite Option

Many times, users like a particular property but are not prepared to take any action. By providing the Favorite option, you can enable them to save the listing (or property post) for later. This will not only enhance the user experience, but also increase the chances of users taking a favorable decision, resulting in higher ROI.

  • Real-time Messaging

The feature of Real-time messaging will facilitate 24×7 communication option to customers, brokers and property sellers, which will accelerate the process of selling/buying properties. So, ask your hired real estate application development company to include this feature in your app.

  • Calendar

Providing the feature of a calendar in your real estate application will give users an escape from switching between calendar app and your real estate application to take time-related decisions. So, consider this real estate app development feature too.

  • Mortgage Calculator

Last but not least, adding a mortgage calculator into your mobile application for real estate will again cut down the hassle associated with switching between different apps to consult with the right property advisor, calculate mortgage and proceed with the procedure to buy/rent/sell a property. Therefore, considering this factor during app development is essential to enjoy better outcomes.

While the aforementioned real estate mobile app features are must consider, there are various other features that you can look upon while developing your own real estate app. To know about those features and determine how effective they will be for your Real Estate business, consult with a reputed Real Estate application development company today.

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