“YOU’RE ALL CAUGHT UP” Feature from Instagram To Address Algorithm Issues

Instagram’s timeline is anything but straight. It has a tendency to show discussions which are not only a day old but some might be more than 48 hours old. In past times, its users such as social media influencers have cried foul, since the algorithm was playing up with their discussions because of which their followers weren’t able to see all the posts they created. It was deemed to be one of Instagram’s way to personalize the app, just like Facebook.

While Instagram does not seem to be too inclined to streamline the chronology of its timeline, it has brought an attribute where users will know if they have seen content from the last forty-eight hours.

Dubbed “You’re all caught up”, the feature will inform you if you have observed photographs or videos from the previous two days. Additionally, under this section, you can see posts that you have already viewed. These content can be more than 2 days old also

The feature is available on iOS and Instagram Android OS.


Instagram has brought an attribute called ‘You’re all caught up”.

Speaking about missing out on photographs and videos, according to The Verge, the photo-sharing software and Facebook are working on a feature where users would be able to observe how much time they have spent on either of the social media stations.

Dubbed “Time Well Spent”, is a digital wellbeing feature which tech businesses are focussing on of late.

Focusing on how time online impacts people is important, and really the responsibility of most companies to be honest about this. We wish to be part of the solution. My spouse and I take that responsibility really— Kevin S. (@kevin) 16 May 2018

Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram, had reportedly said in May this year, that it is the responsibility of social media channels to make sure that the time spent by people online is positive

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