Unique ID for paperless boarding at the Airport only domestic flyers

Unique ID will soon be helping you in paperless boarding at the Airport but only domestic flyers for now:

From the recent reports received, a unique identification number will soon let you beat past airport processes while boarding domestic flights, Paperless boarding at the Airport.

paperless boarding AAI airport DY

DELHI: The technical team representing Airports Authority of India (AAI) and the four private metro international airports have finalized the format for biometric-based “Digi-Yatra” (DY) for all airports to permit a completely paperless boarding process for the national flyers.

According to this new update, each traveler will need to get the unique IDENTITY from an aviation ministry portal which will be linked to their biometrics.

People will give this excellent DY ID at occasions of booking domestic seats.

Only those who want a paperless boarding experience will need to have this unique ID as the present procedure will continue to remain the same as its now.

The aviation ministry on September 2016 created the Airsewa portal for complaint redressal.

Now, this website will be used for Digi-Yatra. “We will soon be launching an updated version of AirSewa portal for which tenders have been issued. AirSewa-II will have a link for Digi-Yatra through which  Passenger will (individually) enroll themselves on this link to get a unique DY ID quantity. At the time of registration, they will have to produce some ID proof like Aadhaar or four-five other things like driving license etc. The details will be combined for verification, ” told the Guruprasad Mohapatra AAI chairman.

For Paperless boarding at the Airport:

Online Flight booking websites will also be updated soon to have this option of providing the unique DY ID number by individuals at the time of booking tickets.

“After getting the unique ID, when the passenger goes to the airport for the first time with a ticket where the ID has been given at the time of booking, they need to take the photography ID card and a photograph with them.

For the airport, these data and iris scan will be captured and will be saved in the system.

Whenever the passenger travels again through Paperless boarding at the Airport, it can be a soft affair, ” said Mohapatra. “We have sent this proposal to the ministry.

Once the proposal is approved by the ministry, the DGCA should mandate it. We have selected three airports, including Varanasi and Vijayawada, for rolling out DY, said by the AAI chief.

For Paperless boarding at the Airport, there will be E-gate that will read the barcode/QR code of the solution containing DY and plane ticket information.

The system will authenticate the travel details and the passenger will show biometric for authentication. Only on the successful authentication, the E-gate will open and the passenger can gain access to various services like Check-in, security check and boarding using QR Code or biometric.

The flyers will use stored biometrics to show identity to terminals; their DY-linked airline database will show what flight they are booked on and similarly linked airport directories displays they have recently been through security and enable gain access to boarding gate closer to the flight departure time.

the Paperless boarding at the Airport will help the passengers to get rid of the need to show physical/paper ID cards, tickets, and boarding cards on home flights.

Since the PPP international airports like in Hyderabad and Bengaluru have successfully conducted smart boarding processes, the aviator’s ministry wanted the same methods to be used in all Indian airports.

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