kiki Do you love me Challenge in Desi Style Viral on Social Media

Desi Style Kiki Challenge Viral Over Social Media

Ever Since the kiki do you love me Challenge started people have tried soo much and its viral all over the social media? Kiki Challenge

Many people also got injured while trying this song “kiki do you love me”, making the video with, moving the car on the streets.

Even the police departments in many states have warned the people against trying the Kiki Challenge, but there seems to be no stop to the bizarre jumping-out-of-your-car-to-dance trend with the Kiki Song Challenge.

And it’s not going stop also because people are coming up with their own innovative versions of the Kiki Challenge to grab attention on all the social media platforms, but these two farmers from Telangana have blown away the competition with their desi style video.

Kiki Challenge Whizfeed

Not only did their attempt at the Desi style of  Kiki challenge went viral all over social media, but also declared as the “winner” by American TV show host Trevor Noah.

Even the actor Vivek Anand Oberoi shared the video on this Desi Style Kiki challenge, calling it the safe way of doing the challenge in “desi style”.

In the 30-second video clip uploaded to the YouTube channel “My Village Show”, the two youngsters can be seen doing the challenge while ploughing the field with a pair of bullocks.

Oberoi tweeted on Twitter  While appreciating the ‘desi style’ and wrote “The only #kikichallenge that I approve of! Desi style and completely safe!”.

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