How Can The New Technologies Help A Urban City?

Did the title spring a surprise? We are sure, that it would have. The reason, IoT or Internet of Things have always been stressed for a smart home. Agreed, it has been used for many purposes, but on the internet, the trend has been of a smart home, internet of things, home automation and WiFi. But there are more benefits that are attached to the Internet of Things. In this article, we focus on how can the new technologies help an urban city? By new technologies, we mean artificial intelligence, internet of things and machine learning.

Benefits of New Technology

Hear the word ‘technology’ and you are reminded just of benefits. Okay, we need not go reverse to the very pages of history, where the wheel was invented. In recent times, due to urban cities generating more revenue, there has been a migration of population from the villages. And so there are numerous problems such as traffic problems in cities. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can help in many ways to create a healthy environment.

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How Can The New Technologies Help A Urban City?

Please read the examples mentioned below.

  1. Traffic Jams and Congestion

Have you come to Bangalore? It is a beautiful city, if only there were no traffic jams. In peak hours, you can be left stranded on the roads waiting for the vehicle to move at snail speed. It has been estimated, that traffic congestion occurs because the riders find no places to park their vehicles. The second point – they did not know that traffic congestion has happened on a specific road. If known, they may have diverted their vehicle. Internet of Things can help in this situation, as the messages regarding traffic congestion are delivered to the rider who enters the traffic congestion road. This is one of the ways on how can the new technologies help a urban city.

In the future, there will be sensors manning the urban roads in India. These sensors can relay information regarding the empty parking lots. The messages can be sent to the car driver via an app. Kindly look at the challenges. The sensor or CCTV can capture images, and this information gets stored in the database. The artificial intelligence applications can then work out the data from the images in a few seconds and relay the information to the app.

In the future, the internet of things can also work to improve the conditions of roads where potholes and trash are common. So, via a travel app, you can get information on potholes in the road. Think of the other benefits. Now, if you speed via a road containing the CCTV, you will get a bill at your home. In the future, a sensor can determine if the exhaust from a car is causing harm to the environment. Then the rider can get a warning from the Government authorities asking him/her to examine the car and take the necessary precautions.

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  1. Artificial Intelligence Along With Sensors

Based on the data received at traffic signals, the AI along with IoT can store any data. For example, it can determine the time the traffic jams happen, the number of people on the road and many vehicles. Based on the data, the AI along with IoT can send information regarding the optimization of traffic flow. When the patterns of traffic congestion are sent to the respective departments, the professionals can think of a way to stem the traffic flow. Another example of how can the new technologies help a urban city.

  1. Making Life Easy For The Elderly

An Indian urban city will definitely have senior residents as part of the city. Now, whenever a senior gets injured, it is because of the fall he sustains in the restroom or while moving around the home. Usually, an elder suffering from mobility problems will have trouble to move around switching on/off the lights or get the fan activated for fresh air. With the Internet of Things working around the smart home, appliances in the home, they can just give a command and make the activities complete. For example, they can schedule the bathroom lights to glow when someone enters the place. In the morning, the blinds for the windows can automatically withdraw by themselves letting the sunlight in the room. The examples can go on and on.

Now, how can this aspect help an urban city? Usually, many traffic jams happen because the rider wants to go home or away from a home fast. And many times, it is a humanitarian trend to be near the old parents suffering from mobility problems. When the seniors or children at home are safe and secure, then the family elders do not have to worry.

  1. Healthcare

It is the healthcare industry, which has always remained at a distance from the recent innovations. In fact, this industry takes time to adapt to the emerging trend. But now, artificial intelligence has become very common in the healthcare industry. Let us take a situation. A patient who is suffering from multiple diseases needs to undergo an operation. Because he has high blood pressure, the physicians have conducted a series of tests. With the results from at least ten tests, it is almost impossible for a human to first look at all the reports and then give the result. But an AI tool can scan the reports and give the perfect result. In case of any negative results, the AI tool will intimate the doctor. This is another benefit on how can the new technologies help a urban city.


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